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[Appeal - #0142] Tasherok

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Username: Tasherok (might be uncorrect, sorry)                                                                                         

Intervening Moderator: I dont remember, i got banned in 2018

Reason: I think it was insulting or something like this. And then ban evasion.

Duration: Permanent

Date:  Somewhere in 2018 or maybe 2019.

MTA Serial: E5F35B89EACE5E915226FD7E046610A2

Appeal: So, i was playing SAPDFR in 2018 as a kid, i really liked it. But somehow i decided to start messing around with other people in chat, i dont clearly remember what i was saying, so i hope you can help me at least find out what i did then. After i got banned i tried to play the game from another computer, but got banned for ban evasion permanently.

And now 5 years later i remembered that i really liked to play SAPDFR and decided to play it, but remembered that im still banned for my whole life, and that's why i'm writing this now.

I regret with what i did and i really hope for your understanding. Now i am an adult and i know how to express my emotions correctly. Thank you.

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I've looked into the ban and you've been banned by `Chico2` with the reason:

> Ban evasion and multiple offensives from reports


Which is why your appeal has been denied, We don't give second chances to people who have been evading bans before.

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