Update 1.2.2 - July 30 2019

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Update 1.2.2 - July 30 2019

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Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a minor code error which prevented the "officer x is down" message to appear in central after a player was killed
  • Fixed vehicle repair being unusable from vehicle trunks
  • Fixed an issue in which ped data was not properly set to the victim in the Armed Subject & Assault callouts

General Improvements
  • Updated the trunk system, now the item itself is actually given to the player rather than used right away. This fixes the vehicle repair item not working as well as allows us to add roadblock items into the trunks
  • Added "Spikestrip", "Cone" and "Detour sign" objects to vehicle trunks
  • Updated weapon rank requirements: M4 ( Commander > Assistant Chief of Police, Captain > Sheriff ), MP5 ( Senior Lead Officer > Sergeant II, Sergeant > Captain )
  • Removed the ability to purchase M4 and MP5 from the Vendors
  • Updated item prices, most of the items actually require money now to endorse money usage
  • Updated the fire system, players are now actually able to walk through the fires, if they're brave enough that is
  • Updated Fire Truck's handling, it actually feels like a real truck now
  • Blocked ability to knock down other players with the Fire Truck's water cannon
  • Updated Central to say "Firefighter is down" instead of "Officer is down" for dying firefighters
  • Blocked Towtrucks from towing trailers as well as bikes in hopes of fixing client sided crashes (thanks to Dutchman for noting this issue to us)

New Features
  • Added a roadblock system which allows players to buy roadblocks from either the Vendor or their own vehicle's trunk and place them on the map, at the moment only two objects are available, "cone" and "detour sign", we'll add more items if the system proves to be effective and does not get spammed by the players
  • Added ability to permanently change you siren & car radio sound settings through the /settings menu

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Post by Chico2 »

Ok since people are so confused on reading the weapon requirements here you go

Weapon - Old Rank - New Rank
M4 - Commander - Assistant Chief of Police
MP5 - Senior Lead Officer - Sergeant II

Weapon - Old Rank - New Rank
M4 - Captain - Sheriff
MP5 - Sergeant - Captain
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