Update 1.2.9 - 7 September 2021

SAPD:FR Online's updates, each seperated into their own topic.
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Update 1.2.9 - 7 September 2021

Post by Blast3r »

Just a minor update aimed at event system improvements & bug fixes

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed cops dying on BUSTED during respawn if they were in the water
  • Fixed cops being able to freeze other players by pressing shift in BUSTED event
  • Fixed /spawn not being properly blocked for in-event players

General Improvements
  • Improved the script logic behind cop respawns in BUSTED
  • If all cops die during a round in BUSTED they'll respawn to the closest spawn locations based on crook's current position
  • Crook's vehicle will now always spawn as red to make it easier to distinguish them while in a crowd of AI vehicles
  • F11 names will now only show event players if you're inside the event and will not show them to players outside of the event
  • Added ability for event organisers to switch event's location without having to end the event
  • Added ability for event organisers to pass the organiser position to another Administrator+ in case they want to leave but keep the event running
  • Once event is ended it'll show for how long the event ran in chatbox
  • Added a chatbox notification for spawning players if there's an event active so they're aware they can join
  • /setcrook and /setrandomcrook now support both vehicle model name and vehicle ID rather than just the IDs
  • Added 2 new locations for the BUSTED event (Las Venturas & Fort Carson)
  • Cops in BUSTED event will now have their weapons removed to prevent weapon usage after they fall off their bike

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Post by Kran3lis »

Hey, pls make that bots give you way when you riding with lights and siren on

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