Update 1.0.28 - November 25 2017

SAPD:FR Online's updates, each seperated into their own topic.
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Update 1.0.28 - November 25 2017

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Bug Fixes
  • Added a possible fix for the callouts happening faster than actually expected with the callout time update

General Improvements
  • Medics no longer steal your weapons and re-sell them at the black market after reviving you
  • Callouts will no longer repeat theirselves, meaning that if Armored Truck Robbery was the last callout the next one will be something else
  • Added ability for staff members to revive other players (/revive)
  • Updated donator chat to work with the previously updated system (donators that are also admins can now use donator chat as well)
  • Dead players can no longer call for backup units (medics, police, fire dept)
  • Added a new default Ambulance mod, big thanks to [member=10]Nick[/member] for the model
  • Added 2 new locations to the Armed Robbery callout (Las Venturas)
  • Added 1 new location to the Armored Truck Robbery callout (Las Venturas)

New Features
  • Callouts now have occurance attached to them. This means that some callouts can happen more often than others, for example armored truck robbery is to happen a lot less often while drunken disturbance can happen a lot more often. Each callout has three stages of occurance, low, normal and high.
  • Added a new callout, "possible prostitution", alongside the prostitute there's also a random chance of a buyer or a pimp or both spawning as well, each have specific actions that may happen

Note: Alongside these updates we've made some changes to the medics but they will be listed in the 1.1.0 changelog which will be live once the medic system is available to all players.