How to Report Players

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How to Report Players

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In case if the owners are not present in the server, here are a few simple steps to report players who are caught breaking the rules.

Step 1. Record their username.
Obviously you wanna know who did what.

Step 2. Screenshot the incident.
You'll need evidence to prove what the incident is since sometimes it can be an accident. Gather as many evidence as possible. Screenshots can be anything (chat, teamkill, hacks, etc.) and should be unedited as least as possible. Video proofs are also allowed as long as they are not edited too much.
To do a screenshot, press F12. Screenshots from MTA can be located under MTA San Andreas/screenshots.

Step 3: Send the information to the server staff.
Send your information to the server staff via forums. You should write in this format:

Name of the reported player
What is the incident
Screenshots or any other evidence

Note that it will take some time for the staff to review the incident and decide the level of penalty of the reported player ranging from no penalty to permanent ban of the server.

I hope this guideline will be useful to you guys as it has worked hundreds of times before but please remember to play fair and have fun :)
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