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Police vehicles HP


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I'm still kinda new in here, but I think there should be some modifications to police vehicles Health Points, as they're actually bulletproof and strong af on impacts, so I've come up with an idea:

Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA

By default, vehicles HP is up to 1000, while they set on fire at 255 (Dunno if these values are changed in here for police vehicles)

Suggestion (1): The idea is to manually grow this value, disabling bulletproof. It's pretty overpowered, and although not many NPCs shoot at you, it makes no sense that 3 NPCs throw tons of bullets at your car while you're at the other side, just waiting for their mags to empty.

That would allow police vehicles to blow up, but at the same time, they'll be stronger than generic vehicles, so it would be pretty hard to blow them unless you're acting dumb or trying to blow it up.

At the same time, that would require their handlings "Damage per impact" setting to be grown, otherwise they would be almost invincible to impacts.

Actually, you can blow your vehicle up by continuous ramming, but it's pretty hard, so having minor care for your vehicle will prevent this, why not do the same thing against bullets?


Suggestion (2):Another suggestion I had was allowing vehicles to be clearly visible when they're about to blow, not by a Health bar system, but instead by the smoking density.

I remember playing in an old server where the max smoke density of cars (Just before they're about to be set on fire) would last LONG, like... You normally set a car on fire with 2 shots in that status, but instead they would be able to hold about 20/30 shots, that means you could know the car was pretty damaged, but still able to carry on for a while, long enough to let you fix it or change it.

Why should this be added?: It would make police vehicles be used in a more careful way, they would still be strong, but not to the point to be overpowered,

Anything else you'd like to add?: Nope.

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Are u really waiting for their mags to empty? Most of LAPD cars have ballistic panel in car doors.You really think cars are exploding with tons of bullets? This is not a Hollywood film bro.Just call a backup or type /c i need backup.

And bullets damages are op too.

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You're pretty wrong. A car can actually blow up by intense fire, and it doesn't really requires tons of bullets.

Patrol vehicles may be stronger, not gonna discuss that, but they're still not bulletproof. Moving on, this is not just LA, but more like a small modified version of USA. Having most of the units in LA doesn't means it's the only one that exists.

And it's not what I think, it's what actually is. Although not gonna lie, they don't tend to explode (But they have chances to, and the chances aren't small), but on the other hand, they will break. What we actually have are COMPLETELY bulletproof vehicles that could withstand any kind of firepower. So, making it clear, cars may not ALWAYS blow up, but being shot continuously, makes chances pretty high. (It's not like there are no flamable things inside cars...), so, in case blowing up is a bit too much, they could instead break down, making them unable to be driven, forcing you to fix the car at first. If the vehicle keeps receiving damage for a considerable time, then it should blow up.

Another point, according to your "Not Hollywood films", then what's the point of cars being set on fire by rolling over...? Or by crashing?

To finish up, bullets damages aren't op. You will be able to survive at least 3 shots of an Assault Rifle, with armor up to 5, and that's the most powerful weapon that will be shot against you. Do you really think people can stand more than that? The officers aren't wearing any kind of armor or anything more than just a portable armor vest (Which actually doesn't really work so good against high calibers)

So, yeah... I still thing police vehicles should break down, and eventually, finish up blowing up, as they actually do against physical damage.

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