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We're looking for a Web Developer!


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Are you breathing PHP/VueJs? Waking up in the middle of the night with the best ideas or with a solution to the annoying bug that's been troubling you for days? Is writing systems from scratch something that gets you excited? In that case, you're amazing. Even if this isn't something you do on a daily basis or if you don't match the description, you might just be the person we're looking for. 


What are we looking for?
Great question, for if you haven't read the title of this post yet. If you don't want to go all the way back up to read it again; we're looking for someone that lives and breathes code (or not, cuz you know.. we're humans. We need oxygen, not code.). Someone who's willing to take an extra step to meet the deadline (we don't have deadlines, we have milestones) and isn't afraid to test something new if it's in the benefit of the script. Just don't blow up the production server, I'm already doing that way too many times (sorry, for real.. I'm trying.).


Projects & position
The position you're applying for isn't just for 1 server (if you want to, please say so in your application. No hard feelings! Life is busy enough.) but for the entire community. You'll be working alongside me, Tosfera, to create several websites and web-applications to provide players the next step in our community. Tosfera has been doing this all by himself but time is limited and it's no longer a viable option to keep doing it like this. 

Projects include, and are not limited to:

  1. Updating and maintaining the website from SAPD:FR;
  2. Writing a new UCP from scratch in Laravel in a modular state;
  3. Creating an SAPD:FR module for the UCP;
    (which includes an API between MTA and the UCP)
  4. Managing the advanced-gaming website;


If this scares you, this might not be the position for you. No worries though, there might be another position available later for you which does fit your skills.


Are you hyped yet?
If you are, that's good! If you're not, why not?! Who doesn't want to work alongside a bunch of cool people, working on some fancy systems that'll be used by, hopefully, a bunch of people?! Your first and next step would be filling out the form for your application, which can be found herehere but not here.


Before you're even thinking about writing your application, make sure the following names and terms are not unknown to you and that you have decent knowledge in most of them. You'll be working alongside a few people that are web developers for a living, they can be quite picky.

  • Laravel framework & foundation
  • Scss and scss compilers
  • VueJs
  • Node / npm
  • query optimisations
  • PHP 8.0+
  • OOP and MVC models
  • Database relations and triggers
  • Database indexes
  • Jira (you can learn this quite easily, not a hard requirement)
  • a bunch of motivation


We'll keep the application process open until we found a suitable person to fill the position. If you're the only one to apply, it doesn't mean that you automatically made it. You'll have no access to the source code of any game's code, so don't come crying that you need it. Because you don't.

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