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[Event - 15/9/2018] - Los Santos Drag Racing


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[align=center]https://i.imgur.com/s8G2iRO.png' alt='IMGUR>'>[/align]

[align=center] Los Santos Drag Racing  [/align]

[align=center]September 15 21:15 GMT+2[/align]


Ran By: Chaossy


Welcome to some drag racing! Meet up by the Los Santos airport for more information this Saturday/tomorrow at 21:15 GMT+2. Discord attendance is not required.

Points System

3rd: 75

2nd: 125

1st: 215

Other Info

This is being held on Saturday night in most European times, which is on Saturday afternoons in North America. The event will hopefully last between 30-65 minutes.

Hope to see you there,

Advanced Gaming Event Organization Team

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