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[Event - 13/10/2018] - SAHP Public Patrol


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[align=center]SAHP Event Public Notice[/align]

[align=center]October 13, Saturday, 20:45 GMT+2[/align]


Ran by:  Chaossy

Dispatch: Chaossy..maybe?


San Andreas Highway Patrol Organization is once again happy to announce a SAHP Public Patrol event. The goal for this event is to show players how SAHP usually patrols and possibly attract them in applying to join the organization. Patrol's jurisdiction will be the entire San Andreas Highway and it'll start on Saturday, October 13, 20:45 GMT+2. This time, we will be driving in motorcycles across the highways!

If you wish to attend meet up at the SAHP HQ which can be found outside of Angel Pine where the gas station used to be. Discord attendance is required to hear dispatch's callouts but a microphone, however, is not.

Come 10-15 minutes early so we can set up!

Hope to see you there,

San Andreas Highway Patrol High Command & Advanced Gaming Event Organization Team

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