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Pleasanton Mega Pack [Vehicles + Skins]


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Hey :D this is my first Megapack with Vehicles and Skins.


Vehicles - boruch1234

Skins - Mario (edited by Me)

Textures - Me (EmergencyCarspotterGermany, SmellyToad73)

-Special Features: Traffic Advisor and Emergencylights are now seperated. Press J for Emergency Lights and K for Traffic Advisor :)

-Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/u3oq9cl7fj5z3iu/Pleasanton_Police_Pack_-_MEGAPACK.rar/file

Pictures [skins]: https://imgur.com/a/Ay6BunW

Pictures [Vehicles]: https://imgur.com/a/N64XYEX

More Vehicles coming soon  ;)

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