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[Suggestion] Tow/Medics/Police Transport


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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA

Suggestion: 1. The towtrucks should be limited to 1 player - 1 car. This means that for example, if there is a street racing callout where are 4 cars and 3 players get there, then each of them can call 1 towtruck for 1 car , that means that 3 cars will be towed by 3 different players. So if there comes another player and wants to tow the same car, then a message should appear( ex: "This car is already pointed for towing" like it is for EMS with patients). Also a cooldown for each players should be good so there won't be any problem with the same player spawning towtrucks for 4 different vehicles, it will also give the chance to other players to call for towtruck.

2. The same should be done with prisoners. If a player already called for prisoner transport, then another player can't  place the suspect in his vehicle or call for prisoner transport again.

3. For medics, there should be placed an area from where they take the patients. For example if there is a player at a street brawl and calls for ambulance, then an ambulance should spawn for that area. The other players in that area should not be able to  call for ambulance in that area again until the 1st ambulance leaves.

Why should this be added?: This will prevent tow/ems/police t spamming

Anything else you'd like to add?: Short: the systems should work like on EMS, when a player can't take another player patient.


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I dont see any need for dialog timer since several person can talk to same npc, so why not remove it?


There was NEVER a dialog timer at all. You need to double check where you find these "features" that never existed in the server in the first place.

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