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Braisoli's Multi Pack V2 (Some Bugs Fixed and New Cars Added)


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The pack also includes new vehicles,recomend you to download this one if you already downloaded the first version,this one includes some bug fixes and new cars.

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cta2uhc17bw2w78/Braisoli%27s_PACK.rar/file

Screenshots(not all vehicles and skins appear on them): https://imgur.com/a/M1jMxRk


Police HD Skins (all of them): Virex

Elite Police Maverick: _R.O.A_

Dodge Charger LAPD: Unknown

Ford LTD Crown Victoria LAPD (the typical 70s movie police car with ELM compatible lightbar :D): DaVinchi160

Ford Crown Victoria LAPD (with bullbar and fixed lightbar): Unknown

Ford Explorer Sheriff: Krystofer

M9 Beretta: Unknown

Tactical M4: hazmi_satria

Teargas: catfromnesbox

Pepper Spray: Richard Thorne

Tactical UMP5: Unknown

Original HD Baton: Catfromnesbox

HD Fire Extinguisher: Unknown

Unmarked Suburban: DaVinchi160

Unmarked Dodge Charger(also new version): DaVinchi160

Unmarked Cadillac CTS (Unmarked Premier); DaVinchi160

Hope you like the pack,please read the Readme file in case that you have any problem with installation,also there's a Known Bugs list in that file.

Extra Info:

-New vehicles included

-Ford CVPI lightbar has been fixed so ignore the lightbar bug on Known Bugs section of the Readme

-All vehicles are compatible with Server's Vehicle Shader,so no more totally white cars! :D

-All vehicles work fine with ELM,even the Ford LTD Crown Victoria

-All the mods were taken from other pages like Gamemodding,GTAall,GTAinside or Youtube,so they are not mine obviously

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