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Several ideas concerning departments and organizations


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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA

Suggestion: Subdivisions that would be integrated to certain depts. alongside with new callouts

- There would be certain subdivisions in certain departments with some sort of rank requirements, and the callouts would vary on the subdivision you're in, but if you are not an active memmber of a legit in-game subdivision, the callouts would be as usual.

- There would be a real SAHP organization within the SERVER as an option, but there would be an eligibility form to fill, just like now.

The ideas I'm having with the departments and callouts and such:

- Los Santos Police Department (no subdiv.)

  * Remains the same, but some new callouts, such as a bank heist, (attempted) rape or reports of sexual abuse, burglary, petrol/gas theft, 911 abuse, missing individuals, underage drinking, suspicious activity near an ATM etc.

  - Los Santos Traffic Enforcement Unit (subdiv. of LSPD)

    * Own liveries unless you install your own skins, vehicles and mods

    * Varying callouts would include:

      - Traffic collision

      - A possible intoxicated driver

      - ALPR hits on vehicles and their owners that have been involved in a felony/misdemeanor

      - Traffic jam (can be intergrated with a traffic collision callout)

      - A vehicle spotted speeding

      - A suspicious vehicle (that actually drives) (you need to spot the vehicle, dispatch will give you directions and last seen spots based on an ongoing 911 call, when you spot the vehicle, you can try to perform a traffic stop. After the subject has come to a stop, there are some scenarios. 1) The suspect flees the scene as soon as you get out of your cruiser, and you will have to pursue the individual. 2) The subject has a warrant, and you will need to take the individual in. 3) There's just some flags on the vehicle that you can give the driver citations for. 4) There's drugs on the vehicle or the driver, just arrest the driver and tow the vehicle

        - An unroadworthy vehicle spotted

        - Insecure vehicle load

        - Armed driver

- Vice/Gang Unit (can work as a Warrant Services Unit too) (subdiv. of LSPD)

  * Requires a rank of Senior Lead Officer or higher to join

  * Officers have visible kevlar vests and drive unmarked cruisers

  * Varying callouts:

      - Wanted individual spotted

      - Search warrant into apartments (possible possession of illegal firearms and/or drugs)

      - Strip club gang attack (multiple armed subjects have taken over a strip club, that a rival gang happens to possess)

      - West Vinewood or Idlewood active search and containment of an escaped convict / mental subject

      - Vicious animal (usually a dog in LS)

      - Noise complaint

      - Bar fight (this actually the already implemented street brawl callout)

      - Gang activity and drug abuse

      - Mugging

      - Shots fired

      - Armed driver

      (Note: some of these can be implemented into regular LSPD and Sheriff's Offices, the regular non-subdiv.)

- San Andreas Highway Patrol

  * Has jurisdiction over all highways and expressways of San Andreas. Can also operate in cities.

  * Callouts would be pretty much the same as LSPD's T.E.U's + a stolen tanker or a hijacked bus callout

  * All members willing to join will have to take a written eligibility test, like the unofficial organization we have now

  - San Andreas Department of Public Safety (subdiv. of SAHP)

    * Basically the same as HP, except there's certain tidelocks in jurisdiction and vehicle structure, including rank structure. You must be a Senior Trooper or a Trooper High Class to join

    * Operates mainly in the counties alongside with the Sheriff's Departments to achieve full state coverage. Is responsible for the smaller US Routes that go through counties, so that the Sheriff's Offices can focus on patroling the residential areas and smaller backroads.

    * Callouts would be as usual + the traffic callouts I mentioned earlier

- All the Sheriff's Depts.

  * Some new callouts I think should be implemented:

    - Missing person

    - Illegal hunting or fishing

    - Armed felon that escaped into the county (sometimes into a forest)

    - Traffic accident involving wildlife (moose, deer, elk etc.)

    - Vicious animal (coyotes, mountain lions etc.)

    - Illegal radio broadcasting

    - Unauthorized camping (could involve selling and abusing drugs or illegally brewed alcohol, such as moonshine, and underage drinking)

    - Insecure vehicle load

    - Petrol/Gas theft

  - Vice and Warrant Services Unit (subdiv. of Sheriff's Depts.)

    * Requires a rank of a Sergeant or higher to join

    * Officers have visible kevlar vests and drive unmarked cruisers

    * Basically the same callouts as the LSPD Vice/Gang unit would have, except some crazy ones can be thrown away in this case

Note: these are just some of the ideas I have for SAPDFR online, and this was written in a hurry, as you can propably see, I will update this if I get some new ideas that could be worth noting

Why should this be added?: Well, it would certainly add some variety and realism.

Anything else you'd like to add?: There are some ideas left, but when something pops up in my mind, I'll be sure to update this

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We're already having organizations, no need for sub-division, SAHP is ran by Justin99989 and staff so no point of taking out a method that we've been doing (and they decide what sub-divisions they want and where to patrol / DPS is pointless ) and sticking to only counties limits as highways are also in cities, rank requirements are too much, trailers will be hectic especially with this AI system. We already got 4 unmarked vehicles we're not removing anymore cars so they can be used for police / sheriff's departments. Vests are impossible to implement as a visible object because it's not SAMP. Other callouts could be possible.

By the way that written eligibility test is not a test. That's the application form.

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