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[Suggestion] New Items and Things FD/MD

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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA

Suggestion: I waited so much for the creation of the fire department, so it seems to me that we can contribute to its improvement, with some simple things we can give it a better aesthetic and variety.

First of all I would like the fire department, in addition to having the chainsaw, can be placed a lever an ax either in the hands or in the trunk of the fire department

The second, it would not hurt that doctors can have a partner, like firefighters.

Firefighters could create a BRIGADE in the game of 2 people

The doctors could create an ADVANCED RESCUE unit with only having two in a single ambulance

And the last suggestion, would be that when there is a fire call in public places, be it a pizza stack or another open one, if it is possible, map some doors that the firemen have to break them with the chainsaw or something else and add NPC inside the building, to make it more realistic

Why should this be added?:I think this should be added, to give more variety of calls or more entertainment than regular calls and have a good complete system of the three levels of emergency

Anything else you'd like to add?: No.


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