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Vehicules move out of the way when police sirens are on and other suggestions


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]Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website):

-If possible, make the npc move out of the way when a police officer turns his sirens on?

-make the cars pull to the side of the road when police officer do a traffic stop and not in the middle of the road

-Add new calls like this ones:

1- VIP escort (where at least 2 officers must escort a VIP to a specific location)

2- dangerous poisoner transport, where the cops escorting the prisoner may be attacked by gangs)

2-found a body

3-A bomb explosion where officers must secure the scene and help the EMS

4-Shots fired call (where there can be an armed subject, or nothing, the officers have to check the place)

5-Make a Check point with other officers

6- Special event like a vip giving a speech where the cops must secure the area and protect him ( i know this one is hard)

Why should this be added?: This would make the game way more realistic and enhance the gaming experience

I hope you take my suggestion in consideration.


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