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Department of Corrections and Airport Police Scenarios


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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website):


Suggestion: Department of Corrections and Airport Police Scenarios

Why should this be added?: Suggestion 1). It would be interesting to maybe have Area 69 converted into a State Prison/Maximum Security Regional Jail and have DOC as a faction people could play with them having access to the Police Jail Transport Van and a DOC BUS with lights and stuff that could be utilized for the large brawls and/or incidents that have more than 4 prisoners.

Suggestion 2). Airport Police Scenarios would also be interesting since they would give the airports some love. Maybe have a group of peds trying to board a airplane and one passenger is being unruly or so on. People trespassing onto the Airport grounds. A lot of stuff could be added like airplane crashes or emergency landings. Possibly the inclusion of a Police Station and a Fire Station at the Airport.

Anything else you'd like to add?: I've done a few patrols of the Airport, wish there was more to do there.

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