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(SAHP) QnA / What you need to know.

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Q: What’s the SAHP?


A: Founded by JuanTwoThree, and based on the CHP AKA California Highway Patrol, the SAHP or San Andreas  Highway Patrol is a state department that is a part of the SAPDFR community, currently led by Commissioner Justin. It is a well organized (but still fun) group, with its own rank system, disregarding the in-game ranks. 


Q: What does the SAHP do?


A: For the fact, the San Andreas Highway Patrol has state jurisdiction, Troopers patrol over the highways since they are the fastest way and the easiest way to access local areas. We also respond to local backup calls, enforce traffic, set up DUI checkpoints in highly populated areas, streets, and highways around the state.


Q: Where is the SAHP Located?


A: The San Andreas Highway Patrol has multiple headquarters all around the state, mainly in the three major cities. In fact, the San Andreas Highway Patrol is a statewide department, having multiple HQ’s gives us the advantage to respond to local calls; Adding on, the HQs are placed in technical areas near major highway entrances for easy access to the highway.


Q: What’s special about the SAHP?


A: The San Andreas Highway Patrol is a semi-roleplay group, which also has its own special mods (maps, vehicles, and skins). Adding on, a custom CAD made only for the department, as well as fewer trained dispatchers which can be requested during official or basic patrols. We also have a reporting system for arrests, incidents (Shots fired, accidents, taser deployments, etc.) and patrol summaries (supervisor(s) only).


Q: How do you get trained in the SAHP?


A: SAHP Troopers are heavily trained on two levels (after filling out the application and getting accepted). The first training is CAD training, where the new cadet will learn how to use our CAD, how to communicate with dispatch, and how to multitask. The second training is field training,  where we test the cadet's ability to drive a patrol vehicle under not stressful to stressful situations, as well as dispatch communication on traffic stops or pursuits. A cadet is tested on multitasking, which means he/she has to be able to communicate with other Troopers/officers/dispatch while handling certain situations.


Q: What is the chain of command like?


A: The SAHP Chain of command is set up differently from the regular SAPDFR:Online ranks. Our ranking system goes: Cadet >> Probationary Trooper >> Trooper 1 >> Trooper 2 > Trooper 3 >> Corporal >> Sergeant >> Lieutenant >> Captain  >> Assistant Deputy Commissioner >> Deputy Commissioner >> Commissioner.

(Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner are chosen by management) Going in order, Cadet - Trooper 3 are low ranks and have no command, Corporal is a basic Field Training Officer (FTO), Sergeant FTO and also incharge of logistics and desk work, Lieutenant is also FTO as well as the subdivision supervisor, and finally, Captain is everything mentioned previously.

Q: What are the requirements to get in?


A: The Requirements to get into the SAHP are quite simple.


  1. Have at least SIX MONTH of experience

  2. Be of the age 16 or over

  3. Have some or more law enforcement knowledge (including communications, 10 codes, etc.) 

  4. No bad marks on your name in-game and on discord or the forum



DO NOTE: every applicant MUST have a basic if not advanced knowledge on L.E.O related subjects: (10 codes, communication, officer’s behavior, etc..). We also expect the most respect from everyone and any disrespect will not be tolerated

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