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(SAHP) Dispatch Q/A


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Q: What is the SAHP Dispatch?
A: The Dispatch for the SAHP is a small group of people who want to experience patrols from a different side, whether that's preference or any reason you want.

Q: What does the dispatcher do?
A: The dispatchers for this department will handle radio traffic, creating calls, BOLOs as well as management of active units on patrol.

Q: Well... who is head of dispatch?
A: That's a simple question! I'm currently the director of the dispatching division, along side my assistant director Jacobs! 🙂

Q: What are the expectations of a dispatcher?
A: Before becoming a dispatcher whether full time or part time, there will be a short training period, so there are no real expectations except a working mic and good verbal skills.

Q: Okay, if it's so easy, how do I apply?
A: Simply visit the topic that has the SAHP application on it and fill it out! I'm willing to work with whoever comes through our doors and I'll do it with open arms!

Q: What kind of Computer Aided Dispatch system do you use?
A: We use RocketCAD, while yes this CAD system was meant for GTA 5, it serves all our purposes we need! 

Anymore questions feel free to DM Nikolas#2942 on discord and I'll be happy to provide you an answer if possible!

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