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[Guide] Peds in SADPFR server with names and ranks (images included)


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Here's a list of peds used in the server with their ranks/names
In case you wanna mod your game, you can choose whatever skin you want and replace the name of your skin mod with the (ped name or id).


skinmod.dff > dsher.dff or 288.dff

skinmod.txd > dsher.txd or 288.txd




For an easy copy an past:

First list

Ped name wmysgrd tenpen pulaski hern lapd1 sfpd1 lvpd1 [sheriff/PD]
Ped id 71 265 266 267 280 281 282
Ingame Rank Cadet 1 Police Officer I Police Officer I Police Officer I Police Officer I Police Officer I Deputy Sheriff I / Police Officer I

Second list

Ped name lapdm1 fbi dsher [sheriff] swmyri csher wfyclot [sheriff/PD] wfyst [sheriff]
Ped id 284 286 288 240 283 211 93
Ingame Rank Police Officer II Undersheriff / Commander Deputy Sheriff I Chief of Police High Command (for both) Female Officer Deputy Sheriff I


ps: the fire department peds will be added soon.


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