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(SAHP) SubDivisions List

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Patrol Subdivisions 


Subdivisions available for (Probationary)

TOW (Probationary Trooper)
PTU -Transport unit  (Probationary Trooper)

Subdivisions available for (Trooper 1 -2 -3)

TEU - Traffic Enforcement Unit
DUI Unit
Motorcycle Unit 
ASU - Air Support Unit

Subdivisions available for (Corporal - Sergeant)

H.E.A.T. - Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic.
WS - Warrant Service.
G&D - Gang and Drug Unit.
FTO  - Field Training Officer / Training Instructor 

Subdivisions available for  (Lieutenant + Captain)

TF - Task Force (can pick troopers for operation)
TOU - Tactical Operation Unit (can pick troopers for operation)


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