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Police Voices & Dispatch radio Pt.1


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All voices/audio are from the game True Crime: New York City  by  Activision

Male & Female voices , Dispatch Radio , Taser with voice

(except the taser sound which is from the SAPDFR audio folder.)

I do not own any of this audio I just found a public download for True Crime: New York game audio file. There's is so many files so I dug up all the ones people might like , converted them to .wav and uploaded here.

For people interested in changing there in-game audio for SAPD:FR server

-- Program Files -- MTA San Andreas -- mods -- deathmatch -- resources - SAPDFR -- audio  ---

so if you'd like to change handsup1 just rename the selected .wav file to handsup1 and replace the original in folder. Same goes for officeAssistance1 , officeAssistance2 , taser , armedAndDangerous1 , armedAndDangerous2 . Unfortunately at the moment you'd have to do this every time you relaunch the game. But it's not that bad especially if you're playing at least an hour or more.  If you save a folder with you're selected audio and copy and paste those into audio folder every re-launch that's the easiest and fastest way to do so. Hopefully in the future this becomes simpler, and perhaps also in the future we could add more audio rather then having 1 or 2 default  audio for this folder.


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Added more audio. Description edit. Combined more TC audio with Taser sound.
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