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More callout types for every dept.

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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA

Suggestion: More callouts for every department.

For PDs/SDP:


  • Burglary
  • Pick-pocketing
  • Tresspassing on government property
  • Gang-shootout
  • Driveby
  • Bomb threat
  • Arms dealing(weapon dealer)
  • +Possible stash house
  • +Kidnapping
  • +Human trafficing
  • +Riot



  • Cat stuck on a tree
  • Stuck on a tall building
  • Fire alarm went out
  • +Vehicle/Car fire
  • +House fire
  • +(if more then 8 people is online from FD) forest fire
  • +Trash bin fire (ik this is in)

Why should this be added?: Because it would add much option to the calls that a player could get.

Anything else you'd like to add?: There are some calls which is strange/"goofy" in my opinion(like Domestic disturbance)

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