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[Guide] EMS for First Responders


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  • Lately I've been getting questions on how to transport patients and how to evaluate the patients condition.

    Here are some controls to know
    • First things first primary lights are toggled by J and K for secondary.
    • To open the dialogue you will have to click M that will make your mouse pop up, right click the patient in order to begin evaluating (make sure your close enough or won't work).
    • Use X and N to reply to dispatch whether you decide to respond to a callout or not. (btw you can go 10-8 via F4).


Alright now that you know these controls you can begin to head in to the next step which will be:

    • Check the patients vitals by going into test and clicking for lungs, heart and warmth.
    • After the vitals has been evaluated you should read the dialogue below the name of the patient. This dialogue will tell you which response to take towards the patient whether It's CPR or just some pills. Stabilizing the patient is a MUST, you get told off by chat automatically and you don't get the extra exp.
    • Now here comes the fun part now If you click on vehicle with the little ambulance picture this will automatically put the patient on a stretcher. All you have to do is make sure that you put your patients in the ambulance by going behind it. Once done you will have to transport the patient to the nearest hospital closest to you. Through the blue circle shaped beacon thingy and there you go.


Alright that's pretty much it. I know it looks like a lot to do but don't worry just break down the steps to one word like this. RET

  1. Respond
  2. Evaluate
  3. Transport


You will be doing awesome and will be a pro at this in no time :D

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