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[Guide] EMS for Dummies


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    Hello guys,dummies and newbies; I'm mhrhan as you can see Today i teach EMS System for dummies like you.Whatever,lets get started!

Alright,we start about first things you should know:

Number 1= The ELM System is toggled by J and K

Number 2= Press F4 for taking callouts and making some xp.

Number 3= If a callout comes press X for accept.But you are busy,press N.

Now we head to EMS System and EMS controls!

If you accepted a ems callout,go to yellow marker you can see in F11 and minimap.

You arrived to scene but you can't interact with patient right?

Just press M and Right Click To Patient and you can see a menu apppears


Okey,dummie calm down and press test button and check the patient's vitals by going into the test. First lungs,heart and lastly check warmth.

I Checked.What's Next?

After the vitals has been evoluated,you should read the dialogue below patient's name.Dialogue will tell you which response to take towards to patient,whether.Some pills or CPR.Stabilizing the patient is FIRST If you don't you take a warn from chat and you cant gain the extra xp.

I made first,but i don't know which response i apply

Yeah,dummy i write Which response for the patient below.

In Heart Attack Call

First,check the lungs.If they are not inflated or not damaged,start CPR

If lungs ar damaged or inflated http://DON Just stabilize the patient's lungs and put the patient to ambulance.

Second,check the heart.after heart,check the warmth.

If patient's warmth is so low,stabilize patients warmth.

In Injured Person Call

Check Lungs,heart and warmth.

If lungs are damaged or inflated,just stabilize the patient and put to ambulance.

If warmth is so low,give some pills etc. to patient.


Relax dummy.We come to most easy and funny part.Click to ambulance icon and system will take the patient to stretcher automaticly,just make sure your patients in the ambulance by going behind it.

If this is done,transport the patient to NEAREST hospital with SIREN.Through the blue circle shaped beacon thingy and you made it!

Where is the Blue Circle Shaped Beacon Thing?

We have 2 Blue Circle Shaped Beacon Thing in Los Santos.

One in Commerce [County General Hospital]and One in Market [ All Saints Hospital] area.

All Saints Hospital's Blue Circle Shaped Beacon Think exist in behind of hospital.

County General Hospital's Blue Circle Shaped Beacon Think exist in front of hospital.

We have 1 Blue Circle Shaped Beacon Think in San Fierro

San Fierro Emergency Central's Blue Circle Shaped Beacon Think exlst in front of hospital.

Alright that's it.I hope you become a better EMS officer.

That guide will update in future.

Some tricks i take from OfficerJacob[/member] 's tutorial,you should check his guide!

OfficerJacob[/member] 's tutorial:



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