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Suggestion on ELM, Equipment (Vest,Helmets...)


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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): The Suggestion is for MTA (in the game)



Current ELM is not that great as i found out, it's not compatible with all mods out there so this is the new one that could be used and it's compatible with ELM cars.




Curentlly we're not using any Aroumrs once you take it from the car or helmets, my suggestion here is if you could add it in the game that would make game more relaisti.

LINK (example):   

Why should this be added?:

Everything that i have suggested should be added for better gameplay and more realistic one, it should be great since we dont have many mods in use.

Anything else you'd like to add?:


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Technically the ELM shown on that vid and ELM from the server are pretty much the same, except on that vid it has brighter lights and it requires CLEO(which is incompatible with MTA). That also means the cars shown in that video is also compatible with the server but you won't have the bright lights to make them stand out. We did had something like where the elm would show red and blues on the ground and surrounding areas but it caused major performance loss so it was removed.

Two the reason why some cars aren't compatible with the server's elm because 1 it's possible it's not ELM mapped or 2 it uses another lighting function(example Improved Vehicle Features which is a cleo mod and it's not the same as ELM)


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