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[CLOSED] Helper Applications


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 The Helper Team is intended to help our newer players on how to play on the server. This includes answering questions in-game or in our Discord's server support channel, showing players in-game how mechanics work and so on. This position however is NOT a moderator / administrative position. That is not the role of being a helper. Before you apply make sure you have read our topics regarding the position

Requirements: https://forum.sapdfr.org/topic/818-helper-team-requirements

Becoming a helper: https://forum.sapdfr.org/topic/819-how-to-become-a-helper/#

Helper position further explained: https://forum.sapdfr.org/topic/287-faq-helper-position-further-explained

If you are ready to apply please head over to the google form to apply. Every field is required to prevent people from skipping questions. 

Helper application: Click here to apply


Once you have done so, contact me through Discord or on the forums so I can read your responses. Thank you for apply and hopefully you get accepted. 




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UPDATE: If you are completely rude in-game your application is automatically declined. I don't want any of that attitude on the helper team. Last two people who were like that were dishonorable discharged and shamed. 
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