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How to become a Helper?


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Hello there,

Are you interested in aiding Advanced Gaming with new coming players? Want to become a helper and think you have enough patience to handle all the questions that could potentially be thrown at you?

If so, please make sure that you meet the following requirements and send a letter of interest to Chico2[/member] preferably through Discord Direct Message or through the Forum PM.

Things to keep in mind


  • By being a helper you're fully volunteering in your position. Advanced Gaming owes you nothing in return, you will have our respect but will not be treated different than the regular players (by that we mean you are still not allowed to break rules, etc.), you can resign from your position at any time and are not required to be fully active in the servers but an inactivity report would be prefeered.
  • If you do well you have a chance to become hand picked into the official staff team as a Moderator, however, if you're a staff member in another server you will need to report it in either your letter of interest or after getting accepted into the Helper position, members that are staff members in other communities are not able to progress further from the Moderator position.
  • Staff team rules may change at any time, you are required to accept all of the rules given to you and also read any of new rules added at any time.
  • This is a position that requires A LOT of patience, you can have players that are not able to speak English properly and are hard to understand, we expect you to be able to cope with these situations, if not we will have to remove you from the staff team. In addition to that, other staff members are available as a support to you 24/7 and if you do have a question don't be afraid to ask, we're all friendly (hopefully) and are open to helping everyone out.


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