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  2. It's something that we're more than interested to look into once server-sided model loading is added in. It's currently possible with client sided model loading but can be a tad bit unrealiable at times if you actually try to properly optimize it so we're waiting for MTA to approve for the server-sided model loading PR and then look into something like this. Thank you for the suggestion, we'll keep it open and update you once we finally act upon it!
  3. Archived as the link hasn't been fixed since March 2023.
  4. Update 1.3.3 !! Update going live on Friday, January 26 at 19:00 GMT+1 !! Bug Fixes Fixed local chat being opened if previous message ends with "y" button and enter gets pressed too quickly Fixed ALPR not shutting down after your own vehicle is destroyed Fixed "Enable Vehicle Shader" in /settings sometimes not triggering properly Fixed no Player <> Player Collision Chaos Effect Fixed Pay 'n' Spray displaying cost to Donators when it shouldn't have Fixed players being able to kill / damage each other after an event ends Fixed client-sided chaos effects staying active on a player after using /event leave Fixed player blips sometimes not being properly created (mostly the case with FD) Added a possible fix for the rare occurrence of "falling" at login screen Fixed an issue with Chaos effects "spikestrips", "explosive barrels", "road barriers" not streaming the objects in properly sometimes Added a possible fix for "Get Ramp'd" where players would get stuck into them (needs extensive testing!) General Improvements Greatly optimized how the walking peds are handled, we've had reports of improved FPS in local testing so hopefully that transfers to low end PC users Replaced LV North East Precinct map with a new one mapped by @WolfSchultz Completely replaced the old login songs with a set of new ones, we hope you'll love them as much as we do! Improved ped's fighting behavior (most noticable in street brawl) "Mexico" effect in Chaos now lasts for the entire round Updated "Spawn Rhino" Chaos effect to "Spawn Rhinos", it now spawns a random amount of Rhinos around the crook Flower, Vibrator, Dildo, Cane, Fire Extinguisher, Spraycan, Shovel, Bat, Nightstick, Golfclub are no longer deemed illegal Completely re-worked "trespassing" callout, it's not preset location based (167 locations in total) so that it actually feels like trespassing. Also added random outcomes to it as well Adjusted vehicle unlocks ranks to accommodate for the newly introduced models, see the full table of changes at the bottom of the changelog! Greatly reduced vehicle health loss for player vehicles on collisions Updated HPV1000 model (thanks @Majster), it's windshield no longer flickers upon light state changes and it now actually features department based "badges" Removed Dillimore's Station towing point as it was useless considering we already have one at the upper side of the town Updated TXDHack to fix the reverse lights that the new Merit uses as well as all the other Crown Vic police car mods (you can actually see the lines in them now when the lights are on) Updated Flint County Sheriff Department's vehicle spawn color based on the internal staff voting, it's full gray now Added a warning message once the mods are reset via SAPDFRMods for players that have "vehicle detail shaders" enabled Improved AI's turning with long vehicles (trucks, busses, limos, etc.) Busted now sets police vehicles colors & shaders based on the location they spawn in Removed Cheetah from the "Street Race in Progress" callout Re factored a ton of code to improve the overall script stability (over 3000 ineffective lines of code have been deleted!) Pulling injured peds out of their vehicles in the MVA callout now applies an injured animation to them Improved pedestrian DUI checks, they no longer "walk to a point" but act as if they're taking a breathalyzer test via random animation Removed the F3 backup menu as it was useless and nobody was truly using it /settings are now bound to the F3 button by default It's no longer possible to eject all of the peds from the vehicle by pressing "F" or "Enter" New Features Added a brand new "radial menu" which makes interactions a lot easier and quicker Completely reworked the pedestrian interactions and integrated into the new radial menu Added a "fast follow" button which will make the peds follow you with the sprint active Reworked traffic stops, they no longer use the markers but rather "click on vehicle" feature, in addition to that they also use the new radial menu making interactions smooth as butter Backup menu (B) has been moved to the new radial menu Right clicking on vehicle to call for towtrucks also brings the new radial menu MVA vehicle interaction has been updated to use the new radial menu Added a brand new police vehicle, Police Huntley, big props to @Majster for the outstanding work on the model! Replaced Unmarked Merit with a new marked Police Merit model, created by @Majster FBI Rancher has been replaced with a brand new model created by @Majster Added a brand new Bayside precinct map, now you can arrest peds there as well as use it's newly appointed vendor, thanks to @WolfSchultzfor the map! Implemented Discord Rich Presence feature Vehicle Rank Unlock Changes Vehicle - Old Rank - New Rank Police Ranger - Rank 5 (SLO/Corporal) > Rank 3 (POII/DSII) Police Huntley - Rank 6 (Sergeant I / Lieutenant) Police Merit - Rank 9 (Commander/Sheriff) > Rank 5 (SLO/Corporal) FBI Rancher > Rank 6 (Sergeant I / Lieutenant) > Rank 9 (Commander / Sheriff) Update Screenshots
  5. Moving this to accepted as callout system was greatly improved upon in 1.3.1 adding a bigger variety of locations and in addition to that we've also re-visited multiple pre-set location callouts and added more positions in the mean time. Thank you!
  6. Added in 1.3.3 with the new radial menu, thank you for a well thought out compromise idea.
  7. Although we didn't necessarily add the cars you suggested we're still getting new cars in 1.3.3 so I'll move this suggestion to "accepted". Thank you.
  8. New radial menu has been introduced to mitigate the lack of options in 1 page issue in 1.3.3, thank you for your suggestion!
  9. Suspect's fighting behavior has been improved in 1.3.3, thank you for your suggestion.
  10. Adjusted the fist fighting behavior of NPCs in the 1.3.3 update, thank you for your suggestion.
  11. Fixed in 1.3.3, thank you for your report!
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