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[Suggestion] Coast Guard


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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA

Suggestion: Coast Guard unit for police. Coast Guard must patrol the sea. Some callouts: ex: Drowning person, Boat collision, Illegal fishing, Murder. Also if you pullover a civil boat you can check if the driver is under the influence, check boat equipment or boat license. Boat's can also not have proper equipment, they can be under the influence. They can also attempt to flee from you and have guns, etc.

Also coast guard ranks:

0exp-5,000exp Seaman Recruit- Dinghy (boat) wmysgrd Cadet (skin)

5,000exp-10,000exp Seaman- Coastguard (boat) bmyap (skin)

10,000exp-20,000exp Petty Officer- bmycon (skin)

20,000exp-25,000exp Chief Warrant Officer- Predator (boat) 

25,000exp-35,000exp Admiral- Launch (boat) wmycon (skin) shh..they are definitely not construction workers.

Why should this be added?: Cause then we will have some water activity instead of being on always on the land.

Anything else you'd like to add?: I know adding criminals with boats on the sea is tricky but if you guys do it, then you are the best ever!

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Have you ever had a chance to pull NPCs out of their car when they fell into water? If so you probably noticed how they can't swim. That's pretty much the reason why we can't make this a reality. At least not on MTA:SA.
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