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[Appeal - #0034] - Ironooob


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Username: Answer here. ironoob

Date of ban: Answer here.07/09/2017 If I remember well.

Reason for ban: Asking for updates date.

Duration of ban: Permanent + Blacklisted.

Why do you believe you need a second chance: Everyone need a second chance, I learnt the lesson, in my opinion it is not something hard to solve, a lot of months passed, I think it is enough, I would like to check the server again, I don't care about my account, I mean you can delete it, I could create another one, in my opinion the problem is solved, and there is nothing much to talk about, I haven't received any other chance, maybe you changed idea, that's all.

Which administrator banned you: I don't know.

Additional notes: Answer here.

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Following extensive review on previous offenses, your appeal is hereby DECLINED.

Not only did you spam on Discord constantly asking for updates, but you tried ban evading as well as showed disrespectful behavior on Discord.

If you did not ban evade, I would have given you a second chance, but seeing the circumstances and the fact that you tried avoiding a ban completely disregards any tolerance towards you, rendering it nonexistent. There is a reason it is called a blacklist. Duration of said blacklist is also permanent.

This forum account has also been banned.

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