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[Appeal - #0036] - Gergely04


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Username: Gergely04

Date of ban: 2018.06.24  9:15

Reason for ban: Non-english is global chat (2nd offanse) (nick:Gergely04) (by Caracatus1)

Duration of ban: permanent.

Why do you believe you need a second chance:

I'm terribly sorry that I did not speak English in global chat if I could do it all back to you now give me a try again

Which administrator banned you: yes

Additional notes: It is true that once I spoke in Hungarian, but only mikkor hungarian players should be able to help them did not know english but I did not is bans

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

Considering this is the second offense, you are hereby blacklisted from appealing said ban until 24th of September - 24/09/18.

If you do appeal the ban before said date, your punishment will prevail and your chance of appeal will completely vanish, meaning you are not coming back.

As a sidenote and as an answer to your statement regarding the player that was Hungarian - we have a /pm command for a reason, use it. You can write in whatever language you wish when using that command. Local chat (pressing Y) is also another thing you can use to write in a different language - make sure no one is around you when you do.

The options are there and should be utilized.

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