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[Appeal - #0039] Edvyyys


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Username: edvyyys

Date of ban: 04-12-2018

Reason for ban: 3rd offence , racist comments to another players

Duration of ban: time not showing maybe its permanent

Why do you believe you need a second chance: Because it was an accident i got that typed in mta server global chat  not in skype  chat window realized my mistake was to late and here i am here now waiting to get any luck but is low chance to get one and i  not racist wanted  to explane it i mistaken  normal word and player nick name my commentary about ******* ****** was in worst time ever yes am guilty i admit it yes  i am moron, dumb ass, and etc.

Which administrator banned you: Chico2

Additional notes:update: 3 months passed trying agian to get maybe back in server but i  now  that  not  gonna happen by couse i tryd to get in july 14 for US time but failed for this  time differene so unlucky  like  always is  gonna by  denied  so i  gonna say  it in  front.

it  was  fun  to  play  in  this  server i  get so much  fun playing in it that is only this type  gameplay server in MTA:SA ONLINE good luck guys

is gonna by impossible to not get denied i gonna accept any rules or punisment if some how gonna get back in and start from 0 i gonna do that, you can wipe all my progress from  server i dont mind you  have  all  rights to denied this i gonna accept all   

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