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[Appeal - #0041] Peti._.


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Username: Peti._.

Date of ban: about 2018.07.20.

Reason for ban: Towtruck spawn

Duration of ban: eternal

Why do you believe you need a second chance: Soon I picked up the water on the sticks and started to pick up the tractors and I got the bant. I would like a 2nd chance, as I would come up with some of my acquaintances, but I do not know.

Which administrator banned you: I dont know

Additional notes: -

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

We had to do a full script restart in order to get stuff working again - I am not gonna allow you to ruin the fun for the other players by forcing us to restart the script, resetting all the on-going things.

You are also blacklisted from appealing said ban until October the 26th - 26/10/18..

Any attempts made to try and appeal the ban before the date above will lead to a prevailed punishment and you will lose access to appeal the ban indefinitely.

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