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[Appeal - #0043] Placok


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Username: Placok

Date of ban: 2018-08-17

Reason for ban: Spamming AI towtrucks and shooting causing traffic traffic in Id...

Duration of ban: I do not know, I only have the words "you've been banned"

Why do you believe you need a second chance: Because I was playing on the server quite a lot, I tried not to do anything bad, I admit it happened to me to weld this towtruck in excessive quantity because I did not come BUT I DONT  SHOOT, i only offer this option! I have a police chief in Los Santos and help many new players (sorry for grammatical mistakes but I'm using a Google translator because I'm from Poland)

Which administrator banned you: I do not know, I only have the words "you've been banned"

Additional notes: Nothing  :(

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

Spamming towtrucks and shooting traffic vehicles, causing them to explode, forced us to do a complete script restart. Use your common sense, what did you expect would have happened? Spamming the script like that as well as causing issues for our players and the server, which is in no way acceptable. Common sense, use it.

You are also hereby blacklisted from appealing said ban until 20/11/18 - 20th of November 2018, which is in 3 months time.

If any attempt is made to try and appeal said ban before the mentioned date above is reached, the punishment will prevail and you will indefinitely lose the ability to appeal said ban, ultimately leading to a permanent removal.

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