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[Appeal - #0045] medic


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Username: Medic


Date of prohibition: it was 07.06.2018

Duration of ban: infinity, perm ban

Reason of Prohibition: I have people to park and shot at my teamates

Which administrator banished you: blast3r aka porter



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Ban appeal DECLINED.

You just made three mistakes. First big mistake was messaging me about your appeal, that is an auto-deny as well as a blacklist. Second mistake was editing the format, that is now how you fill out the format correctly. You can not change/edit things, which you did. Third mistake was copy-pasting your last appeal, putting no effort into the appeal whatsoever.

Due to the lack of effort and seemingly no care into properly reading the information, you are hereby blacklisted from appealing the ban until 24/NOV/18.

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Following continuous misuse of the appeal section as well as adding several rule breaks to his name after the previous verdict, the 3 months limit between appealing is now nonexistent and the punishment has prevailed. The player is now permanently banned and permanently blacklisted from this community with no chance of appeal.

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