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[Appeal - #0054] sakinnko77


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Username: sakinnko77

Date of ban: 4/1/2018

Reason for ban: Spamming repeatedly after 2 warnings

Duration of ban: Infinity

Why do you believe you need a second chance:

I had been sorry for six months, the reason for banning was ignoring the two warnings, I am sorry that I violated the rules, so I am confident that we can defend the rule with our second opportunity there is.

Which administrator banned you: System

Additional notes: I need a second chance

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

Due to you being blacklisted from appealing the ban until 15/12/18, as mentioned in previous ban appeal verdicts, and still applied before the blacklist was expired, the punishment has prevailed. On top of that, you also appealed twice without waiting for your first appeal to be answered, which leads me to this:

You hereby lose the right to appeal said ban permanently. In addition to the verdict, your forum account as well as discord account in our discord server will be banned.

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