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[Appeal - #0057] Siekacz333


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Username: Siekacz333

Date of ban: I dont know the accurate date but the ban was about 2 years ago.

Reason for ban: I was screaming at others that i will harm their PC's with "Trojans" But these Trojans. I didnt had any of these viruses type i was just trying to scary others so while we were fighting about stealing arrest

Duration of ban: Pernament

Why do you believe you need a second chance: I have learned a lesson that Blast3r give me by that ban. I have changed and wont act immature again. I logged in sapdfr online on mta while i was banned to talk to blast3r so i was banned again and again, Now i got a communicator

Which administrator banned you: Blast3r

Additional notes: Can i have an information about changing nicknames? I want to change it to Zephyr.

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

Lying on your appeal, as you said yourself. Threatening with trojans and viruses just digs the hole deeper and is no laughing matter. There is a reason we put heavy emphasis on players enjoying their stay in the community, which you completely seem to contradict and your actions very clearly shows that.

The punishment has prevailed and your right to appeal is no longer in effect, rendering it discarded. We are not interested in keeping players that seem to cause distress and discomfort for other members in our community. In addition to the verdict, the forum account as well as discord account in our discord server has been banned.



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