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[Appeal - #0059] Placok


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Username: Placok

Date of ban: 2018-0817

Reason for ban: Spamming AI towtrucks and shooting causing traffic traffic in Id...

Duration of ban: Perma?

Why do you believe you need a second chance: I need it cuz without this server mta is boring, i was playing only on 2 servers, RolePlay and first respond, pls give me second chance, i dont do it again :(

Which administrator banned you: i dont know

Additional notes: Its my 3 appeal, sorry for last one.

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

Simply asking for forgiveness is not enough for an appeal to go through. You need a valid reason for us to lift the ban. Simply saying "I won't do it again, other MTA servers are boring" is most definitely not enough. Explain in depth and detail exactly why you need a second chance and put effort into the appeal, do not just post one liners or put little to no effort into it.

Once you can provide a valid reason for us to remove the ban, you can post another appeal. If you cannot find a valid reason for the lift to go through and you post an appeal knowing that, you will receive another cooldown in terms of appealing.

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