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[Appeal - #0061] Placok


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Username: Placok

Date of ban: 2018-0817

Reason for ban: Spamming AI towtrucks and shooting causing traffic traffic in Id...

Duration of ban: Perma?

Why do you believe you need a second chance: I'm the police chief, I will not spam the tow trucks anymore, it was a big mistake, I'm sorry for that. I have friends who play MTA and want to teach them to play. I want to play again on the best server with SAPD and MultiPlayer support. At some point I wanted to recruit for moderation, but probably it will not be possible because my account history is not 100% "clean". I think I am quite a valuable player, I often played on the server, I often helped other players, I do not know what I can add more, I just try to be the best teacher.

Additional notes: Its my 4 appeal.

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Ban appeal ACCEPTED.

Seems like you edited just before I had time to check out the appeals, I'm assuming to add more in regards to the reason for a second chance.

Speaking of second chances, spamming AI Towtrucks and shooting them is very annoying to other players, because we have to restart the script to avoid any sort of overload/crash, ultimately restarting/resetting whatever call they were on, as in completely wiping it. They lose potential experience and the AI traffic slows down, which makes it even more difficult and annoying for the other players.

You barely made it through the unban process and I am therefore placing you under very close watch from here on out. The slightest bit of spam/rulebreaking from your side will result in an immediate ban, this time without a chance to appeal.

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