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Bosnian Police Pack


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These vehicles wasnt made by me! This is police vehicle mod pack that includes bosnian and some croatian vehicles.Its a pretty cool pack,and u should try it out.

Link to the mod pack:



Toyota Hilux Policija BIH-Ahsen Bajic

BMW M5 E60 Policija-GamesPR

BMW M5 E60 Bosnian Police-Ryan Wolfe

Volkswagen Touraeg Policija-Mykolas-LTU-Customs

Ford Transit Policija-Mykolas

Nissan Pathfinder Policija-ArminX

Bosnian police bike-lcet1

Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG BIH Police Car-lcet1

Audi S4 Bosnian Police Car-lcet1

If i forgot to mention someone please tell me in the replies.

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