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[Appeal - #0073] meciktv


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Username: meciktv

Date of ban: 28.12.2018

Reason for ban: Racist comment

Duration of ban: permament

Why do you believe you need a second chance (50 words minimum):

I'm Jacob and I'm 15 years old. Mta and Garrys Mod are my favorite games. I got banished for racism. A long time ago when I was playing on this server a player called me "ni ** a", so he pissed me off so I also offend. I was influenced by emotions. This player also got banished for racism. I really liked this server. I promise I will never challenge other players and administration. I understood my mistake

Which administrator banned you: chico2

Additional notes: I love this server <3

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

Using filler lines that has no relevance to your reason just to reach the 50 words just decreases your chance for your appeal to go through, as it is not relevant.

Secondly, racism is something we take very seriously in this community and we punish people very strictly if they decide to cross that line.

You are not to post an appeal until 11th of May.

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