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[Appeal - #0076] Krzysiek009


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Username: Krzysiek009

Date of ban: 18.03.2019

Reason for ban: Ban evasion

Duration of ban: Permanent

Why do you believe you need a second chance (50 words minimum): I get second chance by private message ban appeal to Nick. (I'm not for 100% sure, because i'm unbanned but now i'm banned for ban evading and Nick do not reply for my appeal year ago but if not Nick, who can unban me without reason) I can say reason simpler than in private message to Nick. I have changed and grown up. And not simpler: I had 13 old and i meet friend Polskiarrow, we wanted to be like real policemans... (:P) When waleta15 stolen my police car we want to chase them and... arrest :P (Idk why) When we seen this is impossible We wanted him to write sorry (xd) and after that we would leave him. I know this is not good and it was better to leave him when he gave us my police car but... We were kids xd Stupid kids what wants to "finish what they started" (In ", Polish word don't translated with sense and this is a... Little but still a bit smillar word :P) Going back to today's ban, this is new year, everyone need second chance. "New year new me" I really don't know what more i can write so... I hope I will be unbanned again, and staff will really not regret it.

(I swear after unban to be an example user and follow the rules. And belive me, I do not throw words into the wind)

Which administrator banned you: master_after

Additional notes: Your faithfully - Krzysztof

(Some sentences translated into Google Translate)

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Following continuous spam towards the staff team by creating new accounts and reporting his own posts for us to get a notification as well as continuously spam-messaging the staff team, the user has been permanently banned and permanently blacklisted from the community with NO chance of appeal.
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