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"Ban evasion" but not...


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I want to demand justice and consideration of appeal without this "ban evasion"... How could it happen? Idk. I even don't know how to evasion ban. I'm installed MTA after year after private appeal to Nick with hope i can be unbanned (Only hope because Nick did not reply for my private message). And yes! I'm played few hours with smile and... Ban... Reason? "Ban evasion" but i'm normally unbanned, i do not changed IP of my internet (Because i can't) and i still have the same computer. And if not consideration of appeal, i want at the end in SAPDFR only know how i can play on the server if "ban evasion" suggest that I'm still banned and by this staff think i'm really evasion this ban. Because I can't stand this unjust in my opinion ban with reason "ban evasion" and i'm so angry for that... But if staff is not machines and have anything like empathy i hope would although explain how it could happen and try to look for reason why i'm unbanned without reason and try to check if I'm telling the truth... Because probably human unbanned me, not "magic", and human caused me to be in such a situation, not because of my fault.

In brief, because 99% of this text is translated in google and can be slightly unintelligible. I want from staff investigation who / what unbanned me. After finding this someone / something. In the case of a human, draw the consequences. In the case of a system / program, repair its operation that no one would be able to get this situation to anyone like me now. After it, return of the old ban (http://forum.sapdfr.advanced-gaming.org/http://forum.sapdfr.advanced-gaming.org/sapdfr/forum-phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=8) And the opportunity to appeal for a second chance.

If anyone have doubts check my IP adress,  computer and internet. From 2017 and when i connected to the server 18.03. I still have the same IP as in 2017 when i registered my account.  (And probably this can be proof for my innocence)

Sincerely and regretfully - Krzysztof

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