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[UPDATE][REL] San Andreas Police Services Pack


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Car pack that contains both police and sheriff with the same design.

NEW: 2011 Crown Victoria Slicktop C.R.A.S.H Unit, Chevy Caprice Sheriff, and 2015 Dodge Charger Slicktop interceptor verison has been added


Q: Models are all white? Is it broken?

A: Type /settings and untick "default vehicle shaders".

Q: The lightbars have these ugly circles or are only white. How do I fix this?

A: Use a txd hack. Here's a guide on how to install it.

Q: Cars are still the server default police cars. how do I fix it?

A: Press Numpad 1 to reload your mods.

Q: This car pack sucks.

A: So does a vaccum cleaner.

Q: How do I install mods on SAPDFR?

A: Read this guide

Download:  http://www.mediafire.com/file/9q74a6abmec63u1/San_Andreas_Police_Services_v2.7z/file


https://i.imgur.com/wnD1FHi.png' alt='IMGUR>'>

https://i.imgur.com/soPP4kz.png' alt='IMGUR>'>

https://i.imgur.com/o5eZXeh.png' alt='IMGUR>'>

https://i.imgur.com/o7SQyuD.png' alt='IMGUR>'>

https://i.imgur.com/eU0Vamv.png' alt='IMGUR>'>

https://i.imgur.com/z1i98I6.png' alt='IMGUR>'>

https://i.imgur.com/k0JMXrU.png' alt='IMGUR>'>

https://i.imgur.com/JbKh5Dj.png' alt='IMGUR>'>

https://i.imgur.com/pxIPGFt.png' alt='IMGUR>'>


Like all mods, if you want to use the cars in your own pack please copy and paste the credits below. The only thing I've made are the skins only, everything else belongs to their original owners. Do not butcher the skins or edit it. Make your own original work please. Please do not reupload these mods to other sites or other communities. It stays here!


- Templates

- Screenshots

2011 Ford Crown Victoria / Slicktop variant

- Grimm

- Reckless

- Driver SF/Ubisoft

- Bxbugs123

- ThatOneIowan

- Model edited by Fitzpatrick

2014 Ford Taurus

- Turn 10 Studios FM4

- Grimm

- Tazzzjor

- Reckless

- DodgeBoy

- Traumapak

- KevinDV

- Bxbugs123

Taurus modified by SCPDUnit23

2012 Dodge Charger


Turn 10 Studios




Rick Griffin


2015 Chevy Tahoe


- Jeff Rygaard

- ThatOneIowan

- Alec Durbin

- Grimm

- Bxbugs123

2015 Dodge Charger


- Turn 10 Studios

- Tado Hamann

- r3x245

- TheCopman123

- ThatOneIowan

- Grimm

- Bxbugs123

- Daedaelus

Model modified by Weekly. D (Trooper.Weekly)

2013 Chevy Caprice

- Grimm

- ThatOneIowan

- Rockstar

- Reckless

- Bxbugs123

- Squir

- Matthias

Code 3 Defender

-Modified by ThatOneIowan, DominiatorC, SCPD


-Created by ThatOneIowan


-Created by ThatOneIowan, modified by SCPD


- Chico2

All other parts such as pushbars, lightbars, and etc belong to their original owners as I cannot identify who made

some of the parts.

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