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[Appeal - #0080] Kristof3262


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Username: Answer here.


Date of ban: Answer here.

2018.08.09 I think…. I Don't Know exactly

Reason for ban: Answer here.

making two other accounts, serial ban...

Duration of ban: Answer here.

No reasonBan....

Why do you believe you need a second chance (50 words minimum): Answer here.

Because it was one of my favorite games and I very long want to play this game again! And I really regret it! It was a great stupidity on my part! This is one of my most favorite games because I have long been looking for such a policing server a long time ago and 1 year ago I found this server but Kibannoltak.. And very much but I want to re-play with this mod! Please accept the application!

Which administrator banned you: Answer here.


Additional notes: Answer here.


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Ban appeal DECLINED.

Incorrect use of format. Refer to other appeals to see how it is properly filled out.

At the moment, the reason does not seem valid either. Simply "loving" it is not going to revert a ban.

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