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SCPD mega car pack


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Hey there folks! Today I present to you SCPD mega car pack.

All the cars and other vehicles included in this mega pack don't belong to me. All the credits for both models and textures belong to their original creators. I have just put them together.

Some models are of high quality while others are of lower. Cars also differ in terms of detailed interiors. Same goes for lights and lightbars which not all work perfectly with the ELS (some cars are only coronas). Most of the paint schemes and liveries as well as the cars are based on the fictional SCPD from the game NFS HP (2010). Though I also included some unmarked cars and vehicles of RCPD from NFS Rivals.

I tried to keep the pack diverse so everyone can find something for themselves. They're both more basic police cruisers like Ford Crown Victoria, Ford Police Interceptor and Dodge Charger to more exotic faster cars like Koenigsegg CCX, Lamborghini Aventador along side classics like Lamborghini Diablo SV or Shelby Mustang GT500 Eleanor.

If you find any bugs or problems be sure to let me know on the Discord via DM. I'll gladly take both positive and negative feedback as well as suggestions. I might add some new cars or change textures in the future via updates to this pack.

The whole pack was made in mind to use it on the SAPDFR Online server ran by Advanced Gaming. Though you will have to choose cars you want to use as there're more models than police vehicles ingame.

Pack consists of:

- 1 helicopter (in 3 variants)

- 1 motorcycle

- 26 cars

Have fun and enjoy!

~ Master After

Download link: https://ufile.io/j52y57i8

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/wjLhyFj

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