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[Appeal - #0081] jeffstorm


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Okay, so basically, all that happened is:I was driving my fbi rancher with my partner, then got into a accident, which led the car blewing up, i started pulling over civilians and one of them ran me over causing my death, when i got revived the owners of the vehicle vanished and i decided to use the car as a rancher, few minutes forward got pulled over by an admin asking me why im using civ car, and did i stole it, i rped saying i borrowed it, i gave the owner the succ to give me the car. Then i got banned, so i know my mistake and can i please be unbanned cause at the time i get unbanned i cant play mta, cause i gotta go to work, this week was my only free week,(i'm sorry for my mistake again)

Regards-Jeffstorm <3

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