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[Appeal - #0083] Pafciu


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Username: Pafciu

Date of ban: 25.04.2019r.

Reason for ban: Misbehavior to players & admins

Duration of ban: Permanent

Why do you believe you need a second chance (50 words minimum): I think my behavior on the MTA server and on the discord server against the other was not appropriate. Today I realize that my behavior and words could offend someone. SAPDFR is a server on which I like to play alone and with friends from Poland and other countries. I would like to apologize to all players and administrators whom I insulted, I am very sorry for that. I regret very much what I did and I hope that I will get a second chance.

Which administrator banned you: DoorMan

Additional notes: I would like to apologize again and promise that if I get a second chance I will improve myself

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

Since the ban has been so recent (just hit 1 month and a few days), I'm putting a cooldown of two months for your next appeal. You can appeal again 30th of July.

Keep in mind, this does not guarantee your appeal to go through next time, it just serves as a reminder that you should not expect to get unbanned so recent after your ban was issued.

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