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Update 1.2.0 - June 8 2019


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NOTE: This update is going live on June 8 2019, 21:00 GMT+2 (Summer Time), changelog itself may change until it's release with any new features we add

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved bug report #26 - 100% exp text with 0/700 experience
  • Resolved bug report #27 - Login music duplicated upon registering
  • Resolved bug report #39 - Medics remove your health stem
  • Resolved bug report #49 - Fire at Ganton building (same issue usually reported at Blueberry Pizza Hut & Palomino Creek Ammu Nation)
  • Fixed an HUD issue in which the health bar would go over it's limit if you had more than 100% HP (health stems)
  • Fixed an issue in which nearby objects would become invisible if you entered areas where a building used to be located at previously (i.e LSPD interior, SFFD HQ, etc.)
  • Fixed game clients crashing during server refresh
  • Fixed exp display giving weird decimal numbers in some occurrences
  • Fixed Bobcat & Esperanto flipping over while turning in pursuits
  • Fixed client RAM usage increase which would occur after every server refresh
  • Fixed pursuit peds despawning even if they're streamed it, this time we've tested it extensively with no issues


General Improvements


  • Limited Medic & FD backup requests to once per 30 seconds to prevent spams
  • Updated Illegal Street Race callout to have a dynamic amount of vehicles depending on it's location as well as added 1 more location to it
  • Added /clearchat, /sethp, /setarmor, /setteam, /giveweapon, /spec, /freeze, /unfreeze, /acmds, /resetcallsign, /ban, /unban, /mute, /unmute for Moderator+
  • Removed MTA's default admin panel as it is no longer necessary thanks to all the new commands that were added for the staff team
  • Added ability for Moderator+ to delete nearby peds & vehicles
  • Added ability for Moderator+ to create temporary vehicles as well as ability to delete all temporary vehicles
  • Street Race, Armored Truck Robbery and similiar callouts now delete nearby vehicles to prevent them being blocked by peds that were already on scene
  • Added /hcmds for Helpers which shows all available Helper commands to them
  • Updated the way that ped data is being handled which should result in less bandwith usage on both the client and the server
  • Updated the in-game logo with our new SAPD:FR Online logo
  • Completely changed Medic ranks with new FD ones as well as renamed all Emergency Services to Fire Departments
  • Changed logos in the Medic (now FD) branche to FD logos
  • Improved Ambulance's acceleration and Top Speed
  • Moved Ambulance to rank 2 vehicle while the new Sadbulance is now a rank 1 vehicle
  • Updated Prison Transport's van model, it's now re-colorable and has windows in the back, thanks to Nick[/member] for the model update
  • Added a new pop-up message design which shows over player's upper screen area
  • Updated /ann to use the new pop-up message design
  • Added ability for staff members to start countdowns by using the new /countdown command, this will be especially handy for server events
  • Updated HUD player images with new HD ones, big shoutout to WolfSchultz[/member] for the new image designs
  • Updated the elevator script, it's easier to add them now and they're using a regular marker instead of an arrow which gave position issues by always spawning in a different height
  • Added new female skin models for both the PD and the Sheriff Departments, huge shoutout once again to WolfSchultz[/member] for the models
  • Removed ability to call for FD NPCs as they were useless, as of now it looks for any available FD players and calls them if they're available, if not it'll just notify the player that no fire units are available
  • Completely updated ped's attacking code, from now on they won't just stand still after killing someone instead they'll either move onto their next target or simply flee from the scene
  • Added 3 new locations to Armored Truck Robbery
  • Greatly improved HPV1000's acceleration and top speed to make it act like a high speed vehicle
  • Added ability to disable serversided corona siren lights through the /settings menu
  • Added ability for Administrator+ to restart script resources (/rr)
  • Added a possibility of an Emergency Vehicle spawning as a random occurrence in the Vehicle Theft callout
  • Changed NPC vehicle's spawn transparency from 5 seconds to 2 seconds


New Features


  • Added a new Fire Department branche which has been merged with the medics, vehicles & callout ability depend on the skin you spawn with
  • Added a new synced Fire System which has 3 different sizes, "large", "medium", "small", extinguishing starts from the large size and works itself down to small until it's fully extinguished
  • Added a new server sided Fire Truck mod which was created by Nick[/member]
  • Added 2 brand new vehicles, Sadbulance & Fire Rescue, both created by Nick[/member]
  • Added new callouts: Building Fire (FD), Unconscious Person (Medics), Suicidal Thoughts (Medics), Fire (FD) & MVA (FD)
  • Added colored text chat for Silver & Gold donators
  • Added ability for Gold Donators to change their own callsign by using the /callsign command
  • Added ability to reset your password in-game at the login / registration screen
  • Added a new custom siren system which features 5 different modes for the PD vehicles and 3 different modes for the FD vehicles, their volume has been made higher than the usual siren for the realism effect and can be changed by adjusting the "MTA Volume" setting in MTA settings. For optimal experience use 100%. In addition the sirens are completely moddable with any sound you wish as long as it's a .wav file, simply go to SAPDFRMods - sirens and add a "mod_" prefix to the sound you wish to replace, example: "mod_pdwail".
  • Added a new gate system which automatically opens the gates when a player comes near it and does not close until the player passes it, this system is used on the new FD maps for the garage doors
  • Added a new report (/report) system which lets players report other players to online staff members
  • Added a new Tactical Vest system which allows players to equip a tactical vest by using their vehicle's trunk (cosmetic only!)




  • Added LSFD and SFFD maps, made by Redziczektaki[/member]
  • Added APFD & BCFD maps, made by WolfSchultz[/member]
  • Added a new RCFD map
  • Added LS, LV & SF SAHP HQ maps as well as a SAHP training course map in the Las Venturas
  • Removed the boxes behind the All Saints General Hospital


Special thanks

WolfSchultz[/member] - Map, gfx & model contributions

Nick[/member] - Vehicle model contributions

Redziczektaki[/member] - Map contributions

MaXKillS[/member] - gfx contributions

Beta testers

WolfSchultz[/member] , Chico2[/member] , Chaossy[/member] , thatdudequint[/member] , Elite16[/member] , Nick[/member] , Gyptita[/member] , MasterAfter[/member]


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Hotfix update June 8 2019:

- Updated the way fires are handled, removed invisible peds from them to increase the FPS

- Resolved an issue which would cause fire sync update to be called three times instead of once

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Hotfix update (1.2.0b) June 9 2019:

- Fixed Armored Truck Robbery guard blips not getting deleted

- Fixed "your password is not safe please change it by using the /changepw command" being sent to the wrong player

- Resolved some minor script warnings

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