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Update 1.2.1 - June 23 2019


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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed detain anti spam not working properly


General Improvements


  • Updated Prisoner Van's capacity from 2 to 6 making it actually have a purpose for the players
  • Added money reward when extinguishing fire for firefighters
  • Added /revokehelper command for Head Admin+
  • Markers are now actually removed when a random occurance happens on callout peds which means players will no longer be able to stop them from running away by stepping into the marker
  • Detain now has an anti spammer that's properly functioning, you can only detain a ped once in 1.5 seconds which should prevent players from spamming it to trigger a ped to either attack or escape
  • Added 8 new locations to Street Race in Progress, entire San Andreas map is now covered
  • Updated frisking, illegal items are now colored red in the chatbox, there are less illegal peds as well as added lots of new items
  • Added lots of new possible ped name combinations
  • Added 1 more locations to Armed Robbery (Fort Carson)
  • Player's name is now colored red in the chatbox if they're in the EMS / FD branche




  • Added new callout: Public Indecency
  • Added new callout: Security Requesting Assistance (only available at 1 location as a test for now!)

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